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05 Mar 2019, 5:30 pm
BDO Australia - Perth
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Monthly Entrepreneur Events


Join us for our next meetup. Inspiring Entrepreneurs.
Candidly sharing challenges and triumphs.
ebusiness is our future

eGroup supports digital tech entrepreneurs who are in the growth scaling phase, as well as their teams, members of the surrounding ecosystem and investors.

We do this through a monthly meeting in Perth, Western Australia where inspiring entrepreneurs who are well advanced in their scale-up journey candidly share their challenges and triumphs under the “Chatham House Rule”.

Who is eGroup?

About Us

eGroup WA Association represents the digital economy in the West. Present or past owners, senior managers and investors of online businesses gather on a regular basis to exchange experiences and build informal alliances, providing peer support and sharing valuable insights and knowledge.


eGroup has been the eco-system for a large number of online success stories, particularly because managers, owners, investors and creators of businesses have embraced the open atmosphere of support and confidentiality ever since eGroup launched in 2009.


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