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What's New in Mobile Apps?

The WA Digital Community has been buzzing the last few weeks, with a number of events targeted at our industry including the oZAPP Awards and the Emergance conference in Margaret River.

Following on from these, the March Forum topic will be What’s Hot in Mobile Apps. Our guest speakers include:

Chris Bjorklund from SeeForge. SeeForge has developed an app which makes it very easy for companies to transfer their existing paperwork and processes onto any mobile device. SeeForge was one of the five finalists in last weeks oZAPPs Awards.

Ryan Malone from BlondGorilla. Their iPhone app, SLiDE, was the first app specifically designed for a TV show and was featured in the What’s Hot” category in iTunes. The App developed 1000 рублей за 30 минут for Foxtel was a finalist in the Australia Mobile Awards in 2012.

This event is members only but please feel free to get in touch with us if you would like to attend.

Please note there is a change of venue for the March Forum. We will be visiting the wonderful facilities at Spacecubed.

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